CEDEI-UCG iTunes U Site Explodes Around the World


Por John Murray
Director of International Projects

On May 7th Universidad Casa Grande announced the launching of an iTunes U educational portal in cooperation with the Centers of Interamerican Studies of Phoenix, Arizona. This joint site is the first portal for an Ecuadorian university in iTunes U.

The iTunes U site was first activated in February 2013 and from almost the very first day iTunes users from around the world started viewing and downloading educational content from Ecuador! During the period of March 1 to April 28th an average of 394 actions per day took place on our iTunes U site. Actions are downloads, streaming, subscriptions or simply browsing the site. All this activity occurred without any promotion of the site. iTunes U users simply searched for the material they wanted and found what they needed on our iTunes U site.

On April 29 information about our iTunes U site was posted on the University’s website, the Municipality of Guayaquil’s website, the website of Fundación Ecuador, and on the CEDEI website in preparation of the May 7th announcement at City Hall. Traffic exploded from 394 actions per day to 5.666 per day and has stayed at this level for the entire month of May!  To date over 79.000 unique users have used our iTunes U portal from 122 of the 130 countries that have an iTunes Store.

Where are the users from who are so interested in our educational content? Below is a graph showing the geographic distribution of the iTunes U users:

Captura de pantalla 2013-08-09 a la(s) 1.31.07

In cooperation with the Municipality of Guayaquil and Fundación Ecuador, Universidad Casa Grande has the permission to post the entire contents of the Aprendamos television show in iTunes U free of charge under Creative Commons licensing rights. The 10 year collection of Aprendamos represents approximately 326 videos of 30 minutes each in 14 subject areas.

Approximately 95% of all traffic on our iTunes site is related to the Aprendamos courses Hello English 1 and 2. One of the surprising statistics so far has been the huge demand for Hello English 1 and 2 from iTunes U users in China! As a result of our efforts to provide all the Aprendamos programs to the world, we will soon be hearing Chinese speaking English with a Guayaquileño accent! Welcome to the Casa Grande University of iTunes U.

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